March 29, 2023: Entretien avec Paula Anacaona

Kwazman vwa is delighted to welcome editor, translator and author, Paula Anacaona. Anacaona will be discussing two of her graphic novels, Solitude la flamboyante and 1492: Anacaona, l’insurgée des Caraïbes. These works have this in common: they center two revolutionary women who rose against colonial powers and yet are often left out of history books. Paula Anacaona is also the founder of Editions Anacaona, dedicated to promoting transatlantic dialogues between francophone and Brazilian authors and intellectuals, through the publication of essays, novels, and children’s books. Our guest will be in conversation with Erika Serrato and Jennifer Boum Make, and the event is kindly sponsored by the Department of French and Francophone Studies at Georgetown University. Register below!

Visit Editions Anacaona.

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