March 1, 2023: Entretien avec Michaëla Danjé

For its first event of 2023, Kwazman Vwa welcomes Michaëla Danjé. Danjé is a multi-talented Afro-Caribbean artist with Guadeloupean roots. In addition to writing, rapping, and creating music beats, she is a founding member of Cases Rebelles, an anti-authoritarian collective of creators, thinkers and social activists. The collective’s approach, which they define as PanAfroRevolutionary, unfolds via multiple paths, including books, a socially engaged podcast, and cultural events. In 2021, Cases Rebelles published AfroTrans, a rich volume of essays, interviews, poems and short fictions designed as an open space for Black trans artists, activists and intellectuals to tell their own stories on their own terms, away from the archival eye. Danjé will be discussing AfroTrans as well as Cases Rebelles’ current and future projects with Kwazman Vwa’s Jocelyn Sutton Franklin and Corine Labridy. The interview will be in French via zoom. This event is generously sponsored by the Francophone, Italian, & Germanic Studies Department at the University of Pennsylvania. Register below.

Visit Cases Rebelles.

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