April 19, 2023: Entretien avec Jean Abel Pierre

Kwazman Vwa is delighted to welcome author Jean Abel Pierre. Pierre will be with us to discuss his recent book, Sociologie critique de la corruption: Comment Haïti est pris au piège de la pauvreté. Corruption is a subject that concerns us all, and somehow, our preoccupation with limiting its effects and abuses never seem toContinue reading “April 19, 2023: Entretien avec Jean Abel Pierre”

March 29, 2023: Entretien avec Paula Anacaona

Kwazman vwa is delighted to welcome editor, translator and author, Paula Anacaona. Anacaona will be discussing two of her graphic novels, Solitude la flamboyante and 1492: Anacaona, l’insurgée des Caraïbes. These works have this in common: they center two revolutionary women who rose against colonial powers and yet are often left out of history books.Continue reading “March 29, 2023: Entretien avec Paula Anacaona”

March 1, 2023: Entretien avec Michaëla Danjé

For its first event of 2023, Kwazman Vwa welcomes Michaëla Danjé. Danjé is a multi-talented Afro-Caribbean artist with Guadeloupean roots. In addition to writing, rapping, and creating music beats, she is a founding member of Cases Rebelles, an anti-authoritarian collective of creators, thinkers and social activists. The collective’s approach, which they define as PanAfroRevolutionary, unfoldsContinue reading “March 1, 2023: Entretien avec Michaëla Danjé”

October 25, 2022: A conversation with Fabienne Kanor and Lynn Palermo

We are beyond honored to welcome Fabienne Kanor and Lynn Palermo, who will be discussing the translation of Humus (UVA Press) published in 2020. Fabienne Kanor is a professor, an award-winning author, filmmaker, poet, and a translator as well, who has dedicated her life’s work to studying race and gender in France and the French-SpeakingContinue reading “October 25, 2022: A conversation with Fabienne Kanor and Lynn Palermo”

October 12, 2022: A conversation with Nathan Dize and Jeffrey Landon Allen

We are so proud to kick off this new season with Jeffrey Landon Allen and Kwazman Vwa’s very own Nathan Dize who will be talking translation shop and discussing their latest projects: Patrick Chamoiseau’s L’empreinte à Crusoe translated under the title Crusoe’s Footprint, and Kettly Mars’ Je suis vivant, translated as I Am Alive. BothContinue reading “October 12, 2022: A conversation with Nathan Dize and Jeffrey Landon Allen”

May 3, 2022: A conversation with Emmelie Prophète

Kwazman Vwa’s Nathan H. Dize, Erika Serrato and Jocelyn Sutton Franklin will host Haitian novelist, poet, and recipient of the Prix du rayonnement de la langue et de la littérature françaises, Emmelie Prophète. Prophète is the author of seven novels, most recently of Les Villages de Dieu (2020), which was awarded the 2021 Prix Fètkann/MaryseContinue reading “May 3, 2022: A conversation with Emmelie Prophète”

February 21, 2022: A conversation with Agnès Cornélie

For our next conversation, we are switching gears a little bit by welcoming Agnès Cornélie, the founder of Librairie Calypso, a bookstore that opened its doors in Paris in 2020. A native of Guadeloupe, Cornélie created a space exclusively dedicated to celebrating literatures from all French Outre-Mer regions as well as the broader Caribbean. SheContinue reading “February 21, 2022: A conversation with Agnès Cornélie”

January 14, 2022: A conversation with Jean D’Amérique

We are honored to start the new year with Haitian poet, playwright and novelist Jean D’Amérique, whose name has been on many minds lately. Since his first poetry collection, Petite fleur du ghetto (Atelier Jeudi Soir) published in 2015, he has collected numerous awards, including most recently the Prix Apollinaire Découverte 2021, for Atelier duContinue reading “January 14, 2022: A conversation with Jean D’Amérique”

November 30, 2021: A conversation with Sergio Gutiérrez Negrón

Kwazman Vwa is delighted to partner up with UNC Chapel Hill’s Institute for the Study of the Americas and Department of Romance Studies for this conversation with Sergio Gutiérrez Negrón. Sergio Gutiérrez Negrón is the author of three novels and a collection of short stories. Palacio (2011) was a PEN Club de Puerto Rico finalist and Dicen queContinue reading “November 30, 2021: A conversation with Sergio Gutiérrez Negrón”

November 1, 2021: A conversation with Evelyne Trouillot

We are truly honored to be in conversation with Evelyne Trouillot, celebrated as one of the key figures of today’s Caribbean literary landscape. She will be discussing her latest novel, Désirée Congo (Educa Vision), set in Saint Domingue shortly before the final defeat of Napoleon and the proclamation of the independence of Haiti. With itsContinue reading “November 1, 2021: A conversation with Evelyne Trouillot”