April 19, 2023: Entretien avec Jean Abel Pierre

Kwazman Vwa is delighted to welcome author Jean Abel Pierre. Pierre will be with us to discuss his recent book, Sociologie critique de la corruption: Comment Haïti est pris au piège de la pauvreté. Corruption is a subject that concerns us all, and somehow, our preoccupation with limiting its effects and abuses never seem to fully eliminate it entirely. In Sociologie Critique de la Corruption, Pierre charts a roadmap for understanding how development, “good governance,” and neoliberalism further instill corruption in our political and economic systems. With a specific focus on Haiti, Pierre shows how corruption is something more than a colonial inheritance, rather, it is part of an economic framework cultivated by domestic and international forces. Our guest will be in conversation with Erika Serrato and Nathan Dize, and the event is kindly sponsored by the Department of French and Italian at Oberlin College. Register below!

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