March 31, 2021: A conversation with Jessica Oublié

For our next conversation, we will welcome Guadeloupe-based author Jessica Oublié, who will discuss her graphic novel tour de force, Tropiques Toxiques, published just last year. In this impressive volume, Oublié tackles the Chlordecone scandal, an ethical embarrassment at the confluence of racism and capitalism, resulting in the poisoning of Martinique and Guadeloupe’s natural resourcesContinue reading “March 31, 2021: A conversation with Jessica Oublié”

A conversation with Néhémy Pierre-Dahomey

We are delighted to start off the year in conversation with Néhémy Pierre-Dahomey, whose début novel, Rapatriés, will take us (back) to Haiti. Pierre-Dahomey’s prose has been described as rhythmic, metaphorical, haunting, and we look forward to sharing it with you. The conversation will be held in French and a recording with English subtitles willContinue reading “A conversation with Néhémy Pierre-Dahomey”