May 3, 2022: A conversation with Emmelie Prophète

Kwazman Vwa’s Nathan H. Dize, Erika Serrato and Jocelyn Sutton Franklin will host Haitian novelist, poet, and recipient of the Prix du rayonnement de la langue et de la littérature françaises, Emmelie Prophète. Prophète is the author of seven novels, most recently of Les Villages de Dieu (2020), which was awarded the 2021 Prix Fètkann/Maryse Condé as a work of memory that defends human dignity, the 2022 Prix Carbet des Lycéens for the best Caribbean novel, and it was also a finalist for the 2021 Prix Ivoire for literature of the African Diaspora. In January 2022, her 2008 debut Le Testament des solitudes was published in English under the title, Blue (translated by Tina Kover, Amazon Crossing). We are delighted to have Emmelie Prophète with us to discuss her work, literature, life, and so much more. Our conversation will be held in French via zoom. Register below for the link.

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